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Design Services

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Construction Services

Steel Ramps

Our steel ramps are all  built by certified fabricators. Steel skate ramps are generally modular and can easily be moved. All you need is a concrete or ashfelt slab then ramps are laid on the slab and bolted down. Ramps in the future can be re arranged as a option. Steel is generally cheaper than concrete to build. Steel ramps are a little more noisy than concrete. To reduce heat from steel we paint surface a light grey colour which normally reduces heat on ramp surface.Our steel framed ramps can have a special imported skate surface added. These surfaces make riding fast and smooth. These surfaces are extremely strong and durable compared to any wood surface. This surface is also fire and water resistant and do not get as hot as steel.We custom built most of our steel skateparks and can design most shapes including bowls if needed.

Indoor Parks

Indoor skateparks have many advantages,  They can be used in all kinds of weather and are easily supervised.  Indoor parks are typically safer with medical help readily available,  Indoor parks can offer coaching, competitions, birthday parties and school sports. Indoor skateparks can provide food and drinks as well as a skate shop.  Indoor skateparks are built from wood and are less costly than an equivalent steel or concrete park, 

Concrete Skateparks

Concrete skateparks are the most common form of skatepark .If you need a street plaza to bowls to pumptracks   Concrete  last longest, they are smooth to ride and can be shaped into almost any design. Most concrete parks use 32 MPA grade concrete for better quality.  Concrete finishing in a skatepark needs to be done by experienced skatepark professionals to ensure the finish is smooth and even. Concrete sealant is used on skatepark surfaces to help protect concrete and give a smoother surface. Sealants can come in different colours to give a fresh, colourful look.

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